My own website?

Well, after building some for others I could not stay behind.

On this site you can learn a little more about me,

you will find some photo albums, my favourite music

 useful programs, etcetera.

Items like these you will find in the sections.

 News, if it is about me, nice links I have found and more

like that you can find at info.

In that section you can have a look at my C.V.

(sorry, only in Dutch at this moment), if you like to know

more about my working experience and my education.

I had this idea because I recently found all my

old school report cards (and lots more school stuff).




Bekijk deze pagina in het Nederlands


This page is in loving memory of my father

In Memoriam


View my photo albums here
My favourite music

Nifty and useful programs




How do you get in touch with me?

Links to other sites

My Curriculum Vitae (Dutch)


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UncleTon's BullsEye, The Shopping Center


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